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The present website is published by Elodie Plard - GPI Avocats – Siret n°529 774 499 - Head Office: Europarc de Pichaury Bât B 2, 1330 rue Guillibert de la Lauzière 13856 Aix-en-Provence cedex 3 – France - VAT identification number : FR 43 529774499 - Telephone: +33 (0)4 42 29 76 26 - Email : .

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The publication director of the present website is Elodie Plard.

The attorneys at law of GPI Avocats are registered at the Aix-en-Provence bar (Barreau d'Aix-en-Provence). They are subject to the National Interior Regulations (RIN) and to specific rules of the Aix-en-Provence bar.

Intellectual property

The present website is the property of Elodie Plard - GPI Avocats. It is protected by international laws and treaties as regards intellectual property. All rights relating to the present website and its constituent elements, in particular intellectual property rights over texts, graphic creations, photographs, developments in IT and HTML, and generally all creations likely to be protected by intellectual property rights such as images, logos, formatting, the graphic charter, structure, ergonomics, colour codes, typography, graphic elements and more generally the visual identity of the present website, belong to Elodie Plard - GPI Avocats or are regularly used by Elodie Plard - GPI Avocats. Any copying, modification, broadcasting, and/or reproduction, in any form whatsoever, in whole or in part, of the contents of the present website is prohibited without prior written authorisation from Elodie Plard - GPI Avocats. Any infringement of the rights of Elodie Plard - GPI Avocats may give rise to legal proceedings.

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Exemption from liability of the publisher

The present website is public and access is free of charge to all Internet users.  Its aim is to present the activities of Elodie Plard - GPI Avocats. The entirety of the data, information and publications accessible, represented or downloadable from the website http://www.gpi-avocats.com is in no way exhaustive, and is provided for information purposes only. In no event should it replace advice from a professional relating to a given situation, nor should it be regarded as constituting a legal opinion, direct marketing, soliciting or an offer of legal services.
Despite all the care taken to ensure correct operation of this website, Elodie Plard - GPI Avocats excludes any guarantee relating to the contents thereof and will not be held responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, which could result from the consultation or use of this website and its contents, or from it being unavailable for access.

External links

The hypertext links present on this website are included for convenience. Since Elodie Plard - GPI Avocats is not the owner of and has no control over those links, Elodie Plard - GPI Avocats declines all responsibility for the content published by those third party sites, including links and services that they provide. Any link directing to the present website must be authorised by obtaining prior written consent from Elodie Plard - GPI Avocats.

Modification of site content

In order to make any changes it deems necessary, Elodie Plard - GPI Avocats reserves the right to revise the content of this website, including the present terms and conditions, and to do so without providing any notice.

Right to privacy and protection of personal data

When communication is established between Internet users and Elodie Plard - GPI Avocats, personal data may be collected. The collection and processing of data that is freely communicated by the Internet user are not required to be disclosed to any third party. For information, the French Data protection act (Loi Informatique et libertés) gives Internet users a right of access, of correction and of opposition to data concerning themThe internet users may exercise this right by e-mailing at or by sending a letter to GPI Avocats, Europarc de Pichaury Bât B 2, 1330 rue Guillibert de la Lauzière 13856 Aix-en-Provence cedex 3 – France.